Toddler and Two's Overview

The Toddler Program at Skribbles is a very energetic environment. Toddlers are quite curious and we offer them a variety of equipment and materials to explore. Our toddler classrooms promote the children to develop socially, physically, and emotionally at their own pace, while developing a sense of trust. Your child will have a great place to develop socially with a highly dedicated, motivated staff. The children will learn self-help skills on a daily basis, including, eating, dressing, cleaning, and helping around the classroom. Toddlers learn best by imitation and our staff demonstrates positive actions. Our Toddler Program promises to promote learning and discovery in a variety of ways, such as: Water play, block play, housekeeping, library, puzzles, arts and crafts, gross motor play, and through music.

  • Warm and caring environment
  • Social, emotional and physical development
  • Playful and dedicated teachers
  • Explorative Curriculum

The Details

A toddler’s day at Skribbles is fun-filled, busy, surrounded with numerous toys and equipment, and the emphasis is on “playing to learn”. Our toddler classrooms are licensed for nine children with two staff members. Our Toddler classrooms hold children ages 15 months through 2.9 years. At our Main Street location, Our unique Two’s class keeps children stimulated on a preschool curriculum with a toddler ratio. It’s the best of both worlds for children age 2.6-3.6 years old. We call this our Transition Preschool Class. In addition to the above toddler program, this classroom will also focus on preschool readiness skills. Children in this classroom will learn letter recognition skills and self help skills such as potty training. All staff members are Teacher Certified by the Department of Early Education and Care and are certified in child first aid and CPR.

Age Group
15 Months - 2.9 Years
Class Size
9 Children
Pricing (Full Time Rate)
$ 445 Per Week


Creative Curriculum® for Toddlers & Twos

The Creative Curriculum for Toddlers and Twos focuses on developmentally appropriate daily routines and meaningful experiences that respond to a child’s strengths, interests, and needs.  The curriculum identifies goals in all areas of development: 1) Social/Emotional Development – learns about self and others, regulating own behavior, playing with other children, learns to be a member of a group, and uses personal care skills2) Physical Development – learn about moving demonstrating basic gross motor skills, and demonstrating basic fine motor skills; 3) Cognitive Development – learns about the world, sustains attention, understands how objects can be used, shows a beginning understanding of cause and effect, shows a beginning understanding that things can be grouped, uses problem solving strategies, and engages in pretend plan; 4) Language Development: learns about communicating, develops receptive language, develops expressive language, participates in conversations, understands and uses words, enjoys books and being read to, shows an awareness of pictures and print, and experiments with drawing and writing. 

The teachers will integrate learning in literacy, math, science, social studies, the arts, and technology throughout the day. 

Optional Enrichment Programs

Skribbles has optional programs available to your child on site. Please see your child’s teacher or the Director for more information and registration forms. Fees apply.

o Tumblebus Program available to children age 2 and up

o Music with Mr. Vic bi-weekly for all students

What The Parents Say