The Jesse Jason Project is a family run organization that provides children in need with Christmas presents and the joy of the season.

How did we get our name? That’s easy. The boys insisted that their names be in it, and there you go. Jesse is the oldest son and Jason is the younger son. They are both very active in this project. They have made the commitment to helping others during the holiday.

We collect NEW toys, books, clothing, cash and gift cards. Gift cards will be used to purchase larger gifts off of a child’s wish list.

We also offer families the option to “Adopt a child” for the season and you may select all of the gifts for a particular child off our Christmas Tree.

We provide a joyous season for any household with children newborn through 10 years of age. If you have or know some who has a child in need, please let us know.

To add your child to our list for the next holiday season, please email us letting us know why your child should be included in our project. Please include your name, address and email as well as the following information for your children: children’s names, ages, gender and sizes and a copy of their birth certificate. You may also include a copy of their Christmas list and we will do our best to fill as many items as possible.

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