Our Programs

Infant Program

Upon entering Skribbles infant room, you will notice a calming, nurturing environment where your children will be cared for by a loving consistent staff. The infant staff is certified by the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care and are trained in infant first aid and CPR. The staff works together to stimulate your children in a cozy, home-like environment. They offer lots of love, nurturing, and relationship building with their caregivers and other children. The infant staff spends a lot of time on the floor holding, rocking, talking and singing with the babies, while forming basic trust between child and caregiver. Our infant program is licensed for 7 children and two staff members. This ensures that your child will receive plenty of individual attention. Individual developmental plans are kept for each infant in the program and each child is encouraged to develop at their own pace. Upon enrolling, each parent will complete an individual child schedule which includes a daily pattern of naps, feeding, and alert time for their child. This will allow us to care for your baby the same way you do. At the close of each day, your child will be sent home with a daily sheet containing all of the days events. The staff is also available and eager to share stories of your child's busy day away from home.

Toddler and Two's Program

The Toddler Program at Skribbles is a very energetic environment. Toddlers are quite curious and we offer them a variety of equipment and materials to explore. Our toddler classrooms promote the children to develop socially, physically, and emotionally at their own pace, while developing a sense of trust. The program offers your child a warm, caring, and stimulating environment. Your child will have a great place to develop socially with a highly dedicated, motivated staff. The children will learn self-help skills on a daily basis, including, eating, dressing, cleaning, and helping around the classroom. Toddlers learn best by imitation and our staff demonstrates positive actions. Our Toddler Program promises to promote learning and discovery in a variety of ways, such as: Water play, block play, housekeeping, library, puzzles, arts and crafts, gross motor play, and through music. A toddler's day at Skribbles is fun-filled, busy, surrounded with numerous toys and equipment, and the emphasis is on "playing to learn". Our toddler classrooms are licensed for nine children with two staff members. Our Toddler classrooms hold children ages 15 months through 2.9 years. At our Main Street location, Our unique Two's class keeps children stimulated on a preschool curriculum with a toddler ratio. It's the best of both worlds for children age 2.6-3.6 years old. We call this our Transition Preschool Class. In addition to the above toddler program, this classroom will also focus on preschool readiness skills. Children in this classroom will learn letter recognition skills and self help skills such as potty training. All staff members are Teacher Certified by the Department of Early Education and Care and are certified in child first aid and CPR.

Preschool and Pre-K Programs

The Preschool and Pre-K programs at Skribbles are a high quality, fully functional learning environment. We offer the children the opportunity to discover their world with hands-on exploration. The classrooms are equipped with numerous supplies and materials to encourage their growth and development. The areas of learning include a dramatic play corner, language development, building area, music center, arts and crafts, science, math, and computer center. For many children, preschool is the first experience interacting with a group of children. Skribbles offers your child a fun place to play, make new friends and develop important social skills. The curriculum is made up of ten themes chosen by Skribbles Learning Center and implemented by the staff. This allows the staff to plan the curriculum based on the designated group of children. In addition, the children will focus on numbers, letters, beginning writing, and math skills. Our Preschool Program is a mixed age group of children 3 to 5 years. For children ready to learn more writing skills and eager for more structure, we offer The Pre-K Program. This class is developed for children age 4 through 5 years (or the one year prior to entering Kindergarten). In addition to Skribbles challenging curriculum, we incorporate the Handwriting Without Tears program to begin children on their way to writing and forming letters. The Preschool and Pre-K classrooms are licensed for 10 children per 1 staff member. All Skribbles staff members are certified by the Department of Early Education and Care, and are certified in child first aid and CPR.

Private Kindergarten Program

Skribbles is pleased to offer your children one of the most well researched Kindergarten curriculums available. Land of the Letter People is a great program that will introduce your child to important literacy skills such as speech, letters, phonemic awareness, pre-reading, writing and listening. In addition, the Letter People will help your child with social, math, science and art skills. The Letter People encourages children to use their imagination, creativity and have fun. The research offers the children an age-appropriate approach to learning and the Letter People will quickly become a great friend to your child. Your child will continue with Skribbles Philosophy of Playing to Learn and will have more fun than ever in the process. The Letter People program also include families into the program as we will send home-link pages filled with activities for you to meet each member of The Letter People. For more info on the curriculum, visit www.letterpeople.com

Kindergarten General Information

Registration to our Kindergarten Program requires a September through June Commitment and is required to be fully paid for.

Children must be 5 years of age by December 31. Please check the guidelines in your local school district for more information.

Our Private Kindergarten Classroom is designed for 10 children

Registration & Supplies Fee: $ 50.00 (non-refundable), due with registration packet.

School Day Runs Monday through Friday, September through June.

School Hours: 9:00am 3:00pm

Drop Off Time is between 8:30am 9:00am. Pick Up Time is 3:00pm/Sharp

Limited Before and After School care is available on a first-come basis

After School Program includes Games, Activities and Homework Help

December, February and April Vacations will be run Camp-Like.

Kindergarten Student Information

On Time Arrival. Please follow the school schedule.

Backpack. Children should have a backpack containing all of their belongings. Children should not carry toys and items into the school.

Sleeping bag. All children should have a roll-up sleeping bag for a 45-minute rest time.

Complete up-to-date medical forms are due with registration packet.

All children must wear comfortable sneakers during the school day.

Lunch. Please have a prepared lunch in a lunchbox daily, or order lunches from our hot lunch program.